Socialhype is the #1 Instagram Marketing Platform

Save time & Optimise your Instagram profile management with our visual planner, image editor & post scheduling tool. Plus, use our full Automation suite to supercharge your engagement and profile growth!


Increase Your Engagement

SocialHype users get between 100-200% more engagement on their content in just the first month on the platform. We also increase your post lifetime from an average of 72 hours to upwards of 2 weeks.

Individually Customisable

With advanced analytics and complete campaign control, make our software work for you! You’re in control at all times, including when you’re ready to move on or if you decide our software isn’t for you. Cancel anytime, for free! And re-signup is just as easy if you want to come back.


We guarantee SocialHype is the cheapest, most effective Instagram Engagement Service on the internet. All of our plans are cancel anytime so you won’t be charged unless you absolutely love it.

Grow Your Account

SocialHype users average between 10-150 organic follows every single day. These are 100% real people who are not only interested in your account, but likely to continue liking your posts in the future. Even if you cancel your subscription, you don’t lose any of your new followers.

Content Planning and Scheduling

Our built-in Scheduling tool allows you to easily and seamlessly create and post content on the go. Save and reuse captions, hashtags and even comments on every post and get notified when your posts go live. Track the progress of your scheduled posts easily from your dashboard.

Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now, and Socialhype users are at the forefront. Higher engagement and more followers creates a direct dollar value for your account. Premium users will receive exclusive access to Influencer platforms as their accounts grow.

How it works

Let us explain.

Sign up to the package that suits you best

For users with single accounts, Standard subscriptions are the best option and forusers with multiple accounts, Premium or Agency. We can build a custom Package for account managers with more than 10 accounts, email us at the link below.

Add your Instagram Account

via our online dashboard, no downloads required, and no need to give out your password.

Choose your campaign settings

and then you’re live! You can jump straight into an automation campaign via the ‘auto- activity’ button in your dashboard, or get editing and set up your posts for the months via the post scheduler and image editor.

Ready to Start?

We’re so confident you’ll love our platform, you can have it for free! Get a 3 day free trial with any package. Even better, cancel anytime within the first week and we’ll give you a full refund! Cancellations are immediate via PayPal.


Check out some of the features and benefits we have to offer!

Custom Engagement Campaigns

Target hashtags, users or locations. Set your own speeds, able to be changed at anytime.

Multiple Instagram Accounts

If you’d like a custom number, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.

Post Scheduling

Sick of spending all day posting content? Let us do the heavy lifting! Save custom captions, comments, and schedule your content months in advance.

Account Safety

Our platform makes it easy for you to run safe campaigns within set activity limits.

Targeting Filters

Make sure you never engage with off-brand content, users who already follow you or users you just don’t like via our unique filter settings and black list options.

Photo Watermarking

Tired of people stealing your unique content? Add a subtle watermark to any of your posts easily via our in-browser editor.